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Wellcome To Antalya Turkey

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Wellcome To Antalya Turkey
May 21, 2018

Wellcome To Antalya Turkey

Turkey is a large country. It’s over two and a half times the size of Italy, larger than England and France put together.

Antalya is one of the most popular holiday settlement areas in Europe.

According to records of the Adrese-based Population Registration System (ADNKS), 57 thousand 423 foreign nationals live in Antalya, which welcomes more than 15 million tourists a year.

House sales numbers to foregners, 2013-2017 is 27,221

Antalya is a holiday paradise in a lovely natural setting. The pine-clad Toros Mountains sweep down to the crystal clear sea forming an irregular coastline of rocky headlands and secluded caves. The region is bathed in sunshine for 300 days of the year and is thus perfect for a lazy holiday of sunbathing and swimming, or for sporting activities such as windsurfing, water-skiing, sailing, mountain climbing, hunting and spelunking. Those who vacation in March and April can ski in the mornings and in the afternoons swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. The coast is lined with magnificent beaches lapped by clear blue waters, and surrounded by pine forests, olive and citrus groves, palm trees, avocado trees and banana plantations. Important historical sites await discovery in these marvellous surroundings, which are home to a rich variety of plant and wildlife, and which are now protected as a conservation area. Holidaymakers will find everything here they can imagine for a perfect vocation. 
The Turkish Riviera is the tourist capitol of Turaaa. With its wide ranging accomadition, from tourist class to deluxe hotels, the hospitable people of Antalya are always ready to welcome you.

Just come to Antalya/Turkey and enjoy the beauty and magic of the life.


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